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Dog Mom & Dad's Winter Walk Favorites

Our Fur Baby's favorite time of the day is when they get to go out for a walk. Doesn't matter rain or shine (or even snow!), they are always ready to go. So let's take our Fur Babies our for that Winter Walk, shall we? Here is a comprehensive list for you Dog Mamas, Dadas, GrandMama&Papas, aunties, uncles, or sitters. Get their Winter Jacket on, put on that Collar, step into their Harness, grab that Bungee Leash, attach the pooh bag and blinky lights, and put on their Winter Shoes. Now that they are bundled up and ready to go, enjoy that fresh air!

Throw on this warm and stylish dog jacket. This reversible jacket will have you asking your fur baby what they are in the mood for. Monochromatic or plaid?

Say goodbye to harsh pull of static leash and say hello to flexible Bungee Dog Leash. This leash will allow give to the excited pull that your pup does when they are on the go. Hello comfort!

How cool is this collar that you can customize your Pup's name and your phone number right on the collar. No more tiny prints of phone number on the back of the tag. This collar made the most important piece of information easy to see. Love it!

With the thick jacket on your Fur Baby, this No Pull Harness will make putting on and taking off the Harness much easier on you and provides more room for your pup to breathe. Ahhhh..

Don't be that person who forgets the Pooh Bag. Save yourself the embarrassment and always carry a bag with you with this portable dispenser. It even comes with multiple refills. OMG and EVEN lavender scented for when you go to fluff the bags LOL. Enjoy!

Dog Snow Shoes! Yes, Dog Snow Shoes will give additional layer to protect their paws from the snow and tough terrains. Definitely a must have in the snow.

Winter can means short amount of daylight or gray sky during the day. For those dark days, Blinking Light comes in so handy. Clip this onto their collar and turn on the LED light or have it blink. Visibility for your Fur Baby is so important for safety reasons. If you let your baby run off leash or crossing the streets, then it's definitely a must have in the dark.

What I love about this LED Dog Collar is the rechargeable feature. You can switch out the other collar while one is charging. So convenient to have both readily available.

Have fun and stay safe!! Much love.


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